King Kong Balls Golf Beroun
Face of the Blue Gorila Sculpture by Denis Defrancesco in Public


… KingKong’sBalls, the Gaze of a King, the Royal Pause for the gallery… Between Conceit and indifference, a certain idea of freedom cast in bronze… Sculpt and let the sculpture speak for itself… 

… Those who will see nothing but its attributes will have seen nothing, understood nothing… A grand show to bug the ‘right-minded’… to deceive fools… A half-smile…

… The coarse illusion of an impudent Monkey… The taunt of Kong to set the art-fair “cheetahs’” tongues wagging, for all the masturbatory bonobos to cop complexes…. His balls out in the open like coconuts thrown in the faces of conformism.

… The calm resistance of an untamed Monkey… His gaze is elsewhere… Far from the human menagerie, from this narrow-minded world… Far from this brash theater, this crass comedy…  

… The Kong has a dream… A paradise lost… With no cage and no master… Freedom at the foot of My Tree … A laugh that we cannot hear… His balls like gongs to summon the Great Awakening…

King Kong Balls Prague

"Bronze sculpture. Blue Patina, 5.04 meters long, 2.10 meters wide, 2.25 meters high. Weight: 2780 kg."



Denis Defrancesco, the creator and founder of DefrancescoArt.

A man highly fascinated by the power of Nature. An artist with a vision and a person with freedom inside every one of his cells. 

His majestic approach gives a new spirit to grey streets, feeling as comfortable as in a green garden. KingKongBalls’ exotic look catches every single passerby’s attention. His fascinating expression is the right decoration for large spaces, due to his dimensions and weight.

A contemporary art lifestyle, a precise performance, purely made of bronze. His significant blue color guarantees the best effect for everyone who comes closer. And what do you wanna see when the capacious area opens in front of you? The answer is more than clear. It surely is King Kong Balls, the one and only. 

Exactly like KingKongBalls, his monumental sculpture, self-confident and slightly shocking. An artwork that leaves you speechless. What impression do you get? A smile on your face, that’s the fact. Everyone loves the way he is, so free-minded, so comfy, so easy-going, so cool. 

King Kong Balls Beroun


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